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  • Ep. 1 Study Guide - Secrets of the Ancients

    5.52 MB

  • Ep. 2 Study Guide - The Hebrew Word YOM

    3.1 MB

  • Ep. 3 Study Guide - God's Word Preserved Through Adversity

    3.81 MB

  • Ep.4 Study Guide - Lucy Exposed

    3.04 MB

    We've all seen it in a museum - The ascent from ape to man over millions of years - But if evolution is true, where are all the bones of these ape-like ancestors?

  • Ep.5 Study Guide - Marvels of the Mouth

    1.43 MB

    All of us have had the unpleasant experience of biting our tongues. It doesn't occur often; but when it does, it hurts. What keeps that from happening all the time? Does the evolutionary model make sense when we look at our teeth? Or does the mouth and jaw show amazing complexity and design?

  • Ep.6 Study Guide - The Incredible Human Ear

    1.01 MB

    The book of Proverbs says that God has made both the hearing ear and the seeing eye. So what about the ear? All we see when we look at our ear is a bit of cartilage and muscle covered by skin; but what looks simple on the surface turns out to be very specifically designed on the inside. The ab...

  • Ep. 8 Study Guide God's Environmental Cleanup Systems

    1.86 MB

    If evolution is true, how did it conveniently "arrange" and "evolve" so many different organisms and creatures needed to break down all the waste on Planet Earth? We are about to get dirty, as we discuss vultures, beetles, and the fungus among us!

  • Ep. 10 Study Guide - Amazing Animals of the Ice Age

    4.49 MB

    Animals of the Ice Age. What about the Ice Age? Does it fit with Biblical History? Join Buddy David and David as they explore the Ice Age and its amazing animals.

  • Ep. 13 - Study Guide - Magnetic Fields in a Young Universe

    2.7 MB

    The Bible says that "the Earth was formed out of water and by water. What can looking at the magnetic fields of planets tell us. Dr. Russ Humphreys and David Rives

  • Ep. 7 Study Guide - Dinosaurs Downunder - The Flood

    2.61 MB

    Could Dinosaurs Swim? Why are their fossil remains many times found with their necks and heads arched back in a spectacular "Death Pose"?

  • Ep. 9 Study Guide - Slaying the Giants

    3.25 MB

    Adaptation, Natural Selection, the Fossil Record, and all the scientists trusting in it. But is Evolution really true?

  • Ep. 11 Study Guide - Manuscripts - Who Wrote the Bible?

    4.51 MB

  • Ep. 12 Study Guide - Fuzzy Words - Mike Ridle

    1.94 MB

    Evolutionists use fuzzy words, magic words

  • Ep. 14 Study Guide - Creation to Christ

    2.45 MB

    Can all of world history fit in 6000 years? Learn the BIG PICTURE presented in the Old Testament that leads us to the Gospel

  • Ep. 15 Study Guide - Craters

    3.62 MB

    What do Craters throughout the Solar System tell us? Why do some planets have craters while others do not? Does the far side of the moon look much different that the side we see from Earth?

  • Ep. 15 Study Guide -Thorns

    2.61 MB

    What can THORNS AND THISTLES in the fossil record tell us? Weren't they a part of the curse in the Garden of Eden? Join John Mackay and David Rives.

  • Ep. 17 Study Guide - Coconino Sandstone in the Grand Canyon

    4.7 MB

    It has been stated that the Coconino Sandstone in the Grand Canyon was deposited in a desert environment. Dr.John Whitmore finds on evidence of that. His findings reveal that Coconino Sandstone was deposited by water during the global flood in Noah's day.

  • Ep. 19 Study Guide - Dinosaur Tracks

    1.74 MB

    Dinosaur tracks are found all over the world. When did dinosaurs live, and why did they go extinct?

  • Ep. 22 Study Guide - Vestigial Organs

    1.89 MB

    Vestigial Organs. Are they really useless?

  • Ep. 23 Study Guide - Fracking

    1.53 MB

    What is oil? Where did it come from and how long did it take to make it? Find our with Dr. Timothy Clarey and David Rives